Potted Sunny Smile Sunflower


A miniature sunflower in a 6″ self-watering pot for indoor container growing.  The Sunny Smile sunflower is a hybrid that produces 2-5″ blooms of golden orange petals surrounding a black disc.

Sunny Smiles will flower year round, regardless of day length.  In small pots, under short day conditions, the plant will grow to about 6″.  Put this flower in a larger container, give it longer-day conditions, branching can be induced and plants will grow to about 15-20″.

The pots are self-watering, as they have a small shelf at the bottom for a bit of a reservoir.  Or if you prefer, the pots also include a couple of knock-outs to make them drained pots.

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GROWING: Grow at 70-80°F (21-27°C) during the day and 50-60°F (10-16°C) at night. Warmer temperatures cause stretching; cooler temperatures cause plants to be more dwarf.


SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Light, well-drained soil of low to moderate fertility.


HARVEST: Fresh: Harvest when flowers are just beginning to open.  Dried: Flowers are completely open. Hang or use silica gel.

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Dimensions 6 in
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Apricot, Blue, Green, Maroon, Tequila Sunrise


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