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Organic Garden Plants

I will be at 1317 Bridge St. this weekend from 10am – 4pm, Saturday, Sunday, and maybe part of the day Monday if I still have plants left.

Check out my webstore for pictures and details on the plants, I haven’t updated the site since I started selling the plants last week, so some items may not be available. (And I may have extra items not on the site.)

Most plants are $2.50ea, and a whole flat of 18 plants is $30 ($45value).

Hope to see you this weekend!


Roadside stand: Day 2

I’m back at it today – same location as yesterday. It is a little warmer today, and I’m hoping I don’t get hit by a rainstorm. Come get your plants in case it doesn’t rain. If it does – I guess come and see me get soaked. If you laugh at me, you have to buy a plant though!

Anyhow, had a couple folks ask – the plants, soil and even the pots that they are in are organic, (no transplanting – put the pot and all right into your garden or container) and I have grown them all using organically certifiable methods. Read a little more about them here:…/start-planning-your-garden/

Plant stand is open

I know it’s a little chilly today, but tomorrow looks a little warmer.  Stop by and pick up a few plants for your garden to get started early tomorrow.  Most plants are $2.50 each (tax is included) or get a full tray of 18 plants for $30 (normally $45).  I hope to see you soon!