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Coming soon: potted miniature sunflowers


These miniature sunflowers (Sunny Smile Sunflowers)are pretty neat, and are perfect for growing in a pot indoors.  I am hoping that they will be just about to bloom right around 4th of July.  I’ll take reservation online, for delivery when they are about ready to bloom.  The rest I’ll probably put for sale somewhere on Bridge Street.  I’ve only got 50 pots, (10 of each color) so if you want a certain color, make sure you send me your reservation now.  Payment will be due upon delivery.



Organic Garden Plants

I will be at 1317 Bridge St. this weekend from 10am – 4pm, Saturday, Sunday, and maybe part of the day Monday if I still have plants left.

Check out my webstore for pictures and details on the plants, I haven’t updated the site since I started selling the plants last week, so some items may not be available. (And I may have extra items not on the site.)

Most plants are $2.50ea, and a whole flat of 18 plants is $30 ($45value).

Hope to see you this weekend!


Roadside stand: Day 2

I’m back at it today – same location as yesterday. It is a little warmer today, and I’m hoping I don’t get hit by a rainstorm. Come get your plants in case it doesn’t rain. If it does – I guess come and see me get soaked. If you laugh at me, you have to buy a plant though!

Anyhow, had a couple folks ask – the plants, soil and even the pots that they are in are organic, (no transplanting – put the pot and all right into your garden or container) and I have grown them all using organically certifiable methods. Read a little more about them here:…/start-planning-your-garden/

Plant stand is open

I know it’s a little chilly today, but tomorrow looks a little warmer.  Stop by and pick up a few plants for your garden to get started early tomorrow.  Most plants are $2.50 each (tax is included) or get a full tray of 18 plants for $30 (normally $45).  I hope to see you soon!



So, this morning I ordered some organic cauliflower seed to try in the aquaponic system.  I am thinking they may grow fine.  I guess I’ll find out in a couple months.


I was going to order these Crane Pink Kale (picture below) too, but submitted my order and forgot to include them, so they’ll have to wait until my next order.  That timing doesn’t matter too much right now though, these won’t get their coloring until the temperature gets down to 50 degrees again. – which gives me plenty of time. Good winter greenhouse crop maybe.

Crane Pink

Another 360 started

The beans, squash, melons and other quick starters street their journey today.  This puts my total started around 1,200 plants.






Soon, I’ll have more green in these updates.  To keep you sated, here is a picture of a lunchbox pepper plant grow in the basement over the winter. Now has flower buds growing. I put on the Marvin Gaye and used a little makeup brush to pollinate.  Now that April the giraffe had her baby, maybe I’ll start a live stream to watch the peppers grow.   Who’s coming  (to watch)  with me?



Microgreen order with new packages and labels

I love the way the microgreens look in these new packages.  These are 100% recycled content too.  Anyhow, these are Arugula (top left ), Mizuna – an asian green (top right), Red Garnet Amaranth – tastes a little like a beet (bottom left) and Sorrel – has a bit of a citrus-y zest to it (bottom right).


Over 800 plants and a fun fact

Tomatoes, peppers and herbs growing nicely. They still aren’t looking like much, but all are strong and healthy. I can’t wait until they start looking more like peppers or tomatoes.


Fun Fact:

Did you know that seeds sprout in one of two forms? They start life with either 1 or 2 embryonic leaves.

Grasses, corn and wheat are an example of a MONOCOT and have a single leaf.

Beans, tomatoes and peppers are a DICOT and have two leaves when they sprout.

In the picture, the seedlings on the left are cucumber, a dicot type seed, and you can clearly see 2 separate leaves. The seedlings on the right are corn, a monocot, and although it blends into the background a little bit, you can see that it only has a single leaf when it is starting out.

Didn’t you always want to know that?